• Quality Process

    Always the Best

Our assurance with respect to the purity and authenticity of the product has to be attributed to the string of rigorous quality control measures that we have-

  • We ensure that the extracts are directed only from the most trusted farmers. 
  • We have also established a conventional set of formalities that a new vendor has to go through before he/she signs in. 
  • We ensure that the plant is botanically apt. 
  • Our extracts go through a sequence of tests and evaluations based on the colour and aroma. 
  • The experienced quality control guarantees that the evaluation of the product is tamperproof and precise.

Our testing process involves :

  • Organoleptic assessment (odour, presence, taste etc) as suitable
  • Visual evaluation (clarity, colour, foreign materials etc) 
  • Specific gravity (SG) 
  • Optical rotation (OP) 
  • Refractive index (RI) 
  • Flash Point (FP) 
  • Solubility (usually in ethanol) 
  • A full range of product specific tests

The certifications that we are poised and positioned to get in the near future stand as resounding testimonials to the uncompromising degree of quality that we uphold in our products and processes