The Zing Factor - Lemon Essential Oil

12.11.20 12:09 PM By Ultraadox

For a long time throughout history, lemon has always been associated with freshness. The benefits of the freshness of lemon do not stay confined to consumption but also get into the territory of skincare, aromatics, and sometimes, even medicine.

There are quite a lot of instances of gourmet food being garnished with the zest of lemon to give it that upliftment when it comes to the freshness quotient. Most people would, without any hesitation, say that the best way to consume lemon and its benefits is through lemon juice or lemon zest. There is no denial of this fact. However, when it comes to preserving the goodness of lemon for extended periods of time, the number one position has to be given to essential oils.

Unlike lemon zest or juices that just have a citrusy zing, a lemon essential oil also accompanies the zing factor with floral notes of lavender, making it extremely refreshing, relaxing, and of course, aromatic. Needless to say, the degree of dilution determines the application. The lemon essential oil has a wide spectrum of applications when it comes to medicine, food, and aromatics.

Mental health

The reason people go for aromatherapy is to experience unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation. It has been medically proven that lemon essential oil, quite contrary to popular belief, is better when it comes to mood-improving than mainstream suspects like lavender and rose. It has also been found that lemon essential oil contributes to reducing anxiety and alleviating symptoms of depression.

One of the dimensions of mental health benefits when it comes to essential oil yes its application in alerting and concentration. It has been found that students who studied in classrooms with diffused lemon essential oil performed better in their exams.


Lemon is naturally antibacterial and the lemon essential oil only enhances the effectiveness of the aromatic elements against staphylococcus and E.coli. The oil also helps in preventing skin infection and inflammation. Above everything, lemon essential oil is rich in antioxidants that can help improve your skin tone. Just like the case with any other essential oil, it is strongly recommended that you test it over a small area and then proceed for widespread application.

Cure for sore throat

At this time and age when every throat infection should be treated with proper care, the lemon essential oil can serve as the proper preventive medication. For a long time throughout history, lemon has been prescribed as a home remedy for cold and sore throat. The relaxing properties of the oil can help relax not only your mind but also the muscles on your throat. Lemon is a natural source of vitamin C, and it doesn't have to be any further established that vitamin C is good for the common cold. In all of this, it is to be noted that the direct ingestion of essential oil is not recommended unless you have a proper medical consultation.

Pain relief

Lemon essential oil is a natural analgesic. Although it has not been enough research on humans, research on mice has shown that the stimulus of pain was greatly at elevated when they were exposed to the aroma of lemon essential oil. It is quite likely that essential oils might have been elevating properties on humans as well. The lemon essential oil can also help in the healing of wounds thanks to its antifungal properties.

One of the most widespread applications of lemon essential oil is for its use in if users and in aromatherapy. Depending on its application, there are different intensities of delusion that might be needed for your lemon essential oil.

Getting the best essential oil

Lemon is grown almost everywhere, and even if they cannot be original cultivars, it can still be grown in the bonsai method. To extract the best lemon essential oil you will need to be in line with attributes like authenticity and purity. For this purpose, it is important to tie up with a wholesaler who commits to these values.

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